Perfect yoga poses to speed up your metabolism

Perfect yoga poses to speed up your metabolism

Many people think that yoga acts as a good stress reliever. But, the truth is that it has multiple uses and one of the much sought after use is that it helps in increasing the rate of metabolism. By doing so, it allows a person to manage his or her weight by helping the food to get digested soon. The main poses that boost the metabolism in the body are as follows.

  • Twisted Chair Pose: This pose helps to increase the levels of blood circulation in the body. This yoga posture makes use of almost all the muscles in the body and the twisting of the body helps to get the sleeping organs of the body in action.
  • Locust Pose: Locust pose, also called lying on the stomach pose helps to fortify the lower back and legs muscles. It helps to give a fresh boost to the energy level in the body.
  • Bow Pose: This pose is commonly known as Dhanur asana. In this pose the bent back helps in the quicker burning of foods to release energy. It helps to open up the front and chest muscles of your body and provides a lot of strength to the muscles of your back. This is best suited asana to boost the metabolism rate.
  • Eagle Pose: This yoga pose is highly beneficial for building up of strength in the leg muscles. The pose along with providing loads of energy to the entire body also aids in digestion.
  • Crescent Lunge Pose: This pose is best suited for your cardiac muscles. It increases the heart rate and hence helps in the digestion. As the hip muscles get stretched in this pose, it also helps to provide strength to them as well as the legs.
  • Bridge Pose: It is a known fact that thyroid muscles helps the hormones to control the metabolism of the body and this asana or yoga pose helps to massage the thyroid muscles.

All these poses help a lot in controlling the metabolism rate of the body. Starving is not just the way to reach your required weight goal. Rather, Yoga is the best possible and the healthiest way to get the desired weight and body shape.

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