Kids Should Be Taught About the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Kids Should Be Taught About the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Rising a child today is very different and a tricky task than it was a few years ago. The kids now-a-days have a lot of freedom and parents have no time to keep a watch on them as they are too packed in their daily work schedules. This busy schedule has led the parent child relationship fade giving way to many unsocial activities in children and making children get addict to smoking, drinking and other dangerous activities which have a direct impact on their health. The kids fall prey mainly to drinking as they are not aware of the dangers of alcohol.

The problem of drugs and alcohol use amongst the children has gained pace in recent years and parents find it difficult to deal with this. The major reason that the legal age to drink was risen from 18 to 21 was the stupendous increases in the number of drink and drive accidents.

Good parents who are well aware of the dangers of alcohol always discourage the use of alcohol and guide their children about the potential health hazards associated with alcohol consumption. They know that kids easily learn what they see and hence they avoid alcohol consumption. It is a sign of good parenting, if parents are willing to give a back seat to something they love just for the sake of their kids’ good health and prosperous future.

Mothers have a great responsibility in guiding the children as it is a well known fact that mothers are the closest buddies of their kids. Mothers who are responsible in setting the tone of an abode must guide their wards about the dangers of alcohol.

As parents, it is our duty to teach our kids to use their talents and god gifts in a fruitful direction and hence lead a life of purpose. They should be taught to lead the life to the fullest while refraining from the things that harm them.

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