Data of Professors for other schools :

Data of Professors for other schools : : The incredibly easy, completely free Q&A platform. Save time and help students learn using the power of community

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Client Requirement :

You will go to a website, identify the names of professors for schools specified, look up the professor’s email and phone information, and record it in the attached Excel spreadsheet. We need information on 500 professors. The 500 professors will be only from certain schools and each school has a number of professors we need info on.

Website: (only include professors from the lists on this website)

Schools (ONLY professors from these schools USING THE INFORMATION on the website above):
– NYU (20 professors)
– Johns Hopkins (20 professors)
– James Madison (20 professors)
– Stanford (50 professors)
– Georgia Tech (50 professors)
– University of Michigan (50 professors)
– University of Waterloo (50 professors)
– Columbia (80 professors)
– Stony Brook (10 professors)
– Boston University (50 professors)
– Princeton (50 professors)
– University of Illinois (50 professors)
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This needs to be completed by December 8 at 11pm Eastern Time. If information on professors is not available, skip that professor and move to the next. We need complete contact information for 500 professors.

We are not the developer of Only we work for data management task and we all know is the best website having schools and professors.

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