Strategy and Process of Likes

Strategy and Process of Likes

Strategy of Getting Likes:

  • We have huge database, which consists of facebook pages, communities, forums, facebook apps and groups to the region specific.
  • In this forums and groups, we promote your page details here; anybody interested can follow the page and get the updates.
  • Whoever following the page may be your potential customers.

Requirements of Giving Likes:

  • We need your Facebook Page.
  • We need to have page admin rights
  • Once the campaign is started from our end, it cannot be stopped in the middle.

Note: There is a probability of decrease in likes by 2%, which will be given by us whenever it is required.

Please check the below price details.

Facebook Likes
Indian Likes Worlwide Likes
Price Likes Price Likes
Rs.1,500 1000 Likes Rs.8,000/- 10,000 Likes
Rs.5,500 5000 Likes Rs.18,000/- 25,000 Likes
Rs.10,500 10000 Likes Rs.30,000/- 50,000 Likes
Rs.21,000 20000 Likes Rs.50,000/- 1,00,000 Likes

Time Duration: 10-15 days Maximum.

Still if you have any queries feel free to call.

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